ERP Systems

Business Management Software/Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems can deliver a significant shift to the way you do business no matter what size or type of business you run. Manage your business processes with enterprise resource planning software on a real time or on a day to day basis. Both ERP Systems we provide can be used as a Cloud ERP (software as a service SAAS) or an on-premise installation.

Cutting Edge ERP Software

Fully integrated

Real-time information

Saves Time & Money

Tracking of costs

Cutting Edge ERP Software

A major benefit of our ERP offerings is the ability to have either an on-premise or cloud-based installation allowing full backup and recovery of data. It enables you to keep all CRM information as a trusted customer relationship manager and really build that partnership with your client.

Fully Integrated Business Management Software

From potential customers right through to sales, purchases, stock control, hand held devices, our ERP systems give you a fully integrated end to end business management Software. This integration can even go as far as other services you may have such as a weighbridge and connecting with ROS for your required declarations.

It also can act as a project management tool to manage all projects/sales to ensure 100% on time deliverables with real-time profit information. Once you have your (potential) customers information within the system, you can do mass email marketing of sending out emails/texts to your target customers with details of any offers that you may want them to be aware of.

These business management software systems are amongst the best ERP / CRM systems on the market. They enable you to select the modules that suit your needs and not purchasing a full system with only some parts useful which leads to highly cost effective use of your CRM budget.

Some other modules available are mobile device management. Your drivers can have full access to the database and update instantly which allows you as a business owner real-time information. No more need for many sheets of paper or catalogues. Your salesreps have instant access to all information, upload sales directly to the backoffice system, all by the touch of a button on their handheld devices.

Real-time information

All details in the ERP systems are in real-time, even if your sales rep or delivery drivers are taking orders, deliveries. With the integration of the hand held devices, all transactions are carried out in real time with your back end processes. This gives you instant access to debtors, creditors and management accounts information.

Saves Time & Money

Being fully integrated and real-time in essence saves you time and money. With the click of a button an oil company for instance can produce a ROM1 return, VAT claims, VIES and intrastat reports. Instant management account information allows you to see how you are doing at any given point in time and be able to successfully manage your business. The automated Stock management process also saves a lot of time as everything is on the system with its values, enabling you to keep a tight control of your stock and costs.

Tracking of Costs

It’s a project management tool when it comes to hiring out equipment allowing you again to track everything end to end. It’s intelligence to understand what products will be on sale versus on hire, how long the goods are on hire for and managing that full project.

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